CPS Telepharmacy Solutions

If your hospital is operating 24/7, the pharmacy may not be able to provide the most cost-effective pharmacy staffing models. You may also face patient care quality and regulatory challenges, or simply want to get your staff pharmacists to round with your physicians. We can help. Our team and technology will deliver beyond expectations, beyond business hours. That includes 24/hour phone support for any clinical and administrative concerns. In addition, we’re a centralized, licensed pharmacy that is HIPAA-certified and composed of ONLY full-time pharmacists ensuring primary team coverage, when and where you need it.

Our Telepharmacy Solutions include:

  • Remote Order Entry and Verification: To ensure around-the-clock coverage in a cost-effective way by centralizing the review and approval of medication orders while delivering continuity of care.

  • Transitions of Care: To help reduce readmissions by as much as 30% and bring your HCAHPS scores up by integrating our pharmacist-led solution with your current care management process.

  • Staff Augmentation: For routine prescription filling with 24/7/365 support that will bring your HCAHPS scores up and your risk for readmissions down.

  • Medication Reconciliation: To improve patient outcomes with a powerful system that reviews prescription details at every point in the process.

  • Post-Acute Chart Review:

    To identify any interventions prior to patient admissions and bring expertise to skilled nursing to help you deliver a smooth patient transfer.

See our full suite of telepharmacy services here.

What Directors of Pharmacies are saying across the country:

“I just can’t gush enough…It actually brought to light a few things that we are going to do differently here at our facility.”
Director of Pharmacy, NM
“Your remote order entry pharmacists are quick in processing orders. Candidly, they are faster than my day-shift onsite pharmacists!”
Director of Pharmacy, TN
“One of the transitions of care pharmacist was exceptional. His enthusiasm and dedication to the safety of the patient are commendable!”
Regional Director of Pharmacy, upon seeing our Centralized Remote Pharmacy