Specialty Pharmacy Success Requires A Special Forces Team.

Is your pharmacy set up to meet the needs of your special patients? If not, you could be facing the high cost of specialty medications, up to $2,000 per fill. Also, more complex administrative and compliance challenges as well as limitations on drug distribution. But we have the winning formula. We can handle it all for you, working side by side with your pharmacy team.

The specialty drug market is projected to double from $200 billion in 2018 to $400 billion in 2020 and is expected to be 50% of pharmacy plan spend.

Here’s what a triple win looks like.

Our method for helping your specialty pharmacy operations thrive:

  • Guide your team through –
    The specialty drug market
    The potential value to the hospital
  • Analyze the hospital opportunity
  • Assess payor mix, 340B opportunities, contract pharmacy & more
  • Assist with payor contracting
  • Craft a specialty pharmacy strategy
Step 3: DESIGN
  • Create Facility plan
  • Oversee –
    Facility Construction
    IT Infrastructure
    Communications Center
    Patient Telepharmacy
  • Hire specialty pharmacy team
  • Train existing staff
  • Obtain accreditation
  • Ensure compliance
  • Interface with manufacturers regarding limited distribution drugs
Step 5: GO LIVE
  • Manage and maintain the on-going specialty pharmacy program
Experience the CPS Triple Win:
Improved Quality – More Revenue – Lower Cost

You can determine whether your pharmacy is set up to meet the needs of your special patients with this no obligation assessment. Test your pharmacy’s readiness now.