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to the next chapter in health system pharmacy performance.
We are Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, the only organization dedicated to supporting hospital pharmacy leadership across the entire continuum of care.
We’re a company consisting of two groups: pharmacists, and the people who love them. We bring a level of passion to the work we do and it’s why we are a true partner to the hospital pharmacy leaders we support. We exist to improve the practice of pharmacy one patient at a time. While doing work that matters, we produce results that count – over $50 million in realized drug savings across our client portfolio last year.
We’re proud to offer the best technology and process solutions in the industry, delivered by an exceptional team of over 2,000 pharmacy professionals. We cover all of pharmacy operations, from medication reconciliation to regulatory compliance and clinical programs. With a customized mix of unrivaled expertise and pharmacy-specific technology solutions, CPS can help your pharmacy in ways you may never have imagined.
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