In healthcare settings, drug diversion is a fact. As controlled substance audits are on the rise, there can be significant fines if your organization doesn’t identify them, some in the multi-millions. Also, its’s a serious risk to patient safety. But you don’t have to worry when you have a true partner who knows what to look for. That’s what we do.

CPS’s clients participate in a Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention risk assessment that targets diversion opportunities at every step in the operation – from the wholesaler to utilization or disposal. We add a series of audits and surveillance tools to validate that the accountability processes are working effectively. With a multidisciplinary approach, we provide education and other resources for continuous support. And we give you an action plan that identifies high priority areas, those responsible for each component and the length of engagement needed to help you take control. It’s a customized approach and it’s all your need to succeed.

With CPS on your side, you can achieve:

Drug Diversion is common. Resolving it is not. Unless you work with CPS.

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