Children’s hospital pharmacy operations take every ounce of expertise precision and then raise the bar even higher. When it counts more than ever to get it right, you can count on us. Our years of expertise combined with vital technology and real-time analytics make CPS the most trusted partner in the industry. Along with that, we’re a team of people who have the passion and expertise to help you succeed.

CPS’ expertise can impact:

Operations: We ensure the pharmacy is operating at peak efficiency

Clinical: We believe the pharmacist is a key component of the healthcare model, and is essential in driving clinical initiatives

Purchasing: We provide best-in-class support for purchasing and inventory control

Regulatory & Compliance: Our dedicated team stands behind each Director of Pharmacy to ensure superior compliance from all regulatory bodies

Training & Education: Our best-in-class Learning Management System ensures that all pharmacy staff are knowledgeable in the best practices and protocols of pharmacy operations